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Liverpool VAR transcript in its entirety: Insights from VAR Audio Unveil Errors in Disallowing Diaz's Goal against Spurs

Liverpool VAR transcript in its entirety: Insights from VAR Audio Unveil Errors in Disallowing Diaz's Goal against Spurs

The Premier League has officially disclosed the complete transcript of the VAR audio capturing the contentious disallowed goal by Liverpool's Luis Diaz in their recent match against Tottenham Hotspur.


The audio uncovers VAR Darren England's error in assuming that the on-field decision favored awarding the goal, prompting him to inform referee Simon Hooper that the review was concluded.


The transcript commences with assistant referee 1 signaling Diaz's offside position, prompting VAR England to request a replay. Assistant referee 2 subsequently confirms the offside call, leading VAR England to instruct Hooper to "revisit the offside situation."


After reviewing the replay, VAR England relays the outcome to the referee, and the replay operator displays the image used to determine the offside decision.


However, the replay operator then informs VAR England that the on-field verdict was offside, contrary to the image provided, which was onside.


In response, VAR England exclaims, "oh ****," and the replay operator advises him to pause the game. Regrettably, VAR England mistakenly believes he lacks the authority to overturn the on-field decision and informs Hooper that the review is finalized.


The transcript concludes with Hooper commending the officials, unaware that the goal had been incorrectly disallowed.


The release of the VAR audio has triggered additional frustration among Liverpool supporters, who perceive their club as unfairly targeted by the VAR system.


Manager Jurgen Klopp criticized the decision as "a joke" following the game, a sentiment shared by many pundits and fans.


The Premier League has acknowledged the error in the decision and issued an apology to Liverpool. Nevertheless, the club has not been offered any compensation for the loss of the two points.


This VAR incident has once again raised concerns about the effectiveness of the VAR system in the Premier League.


While initially intended to enhance the accuracy of refereeing decisions, the system has, in fact, generated more controversy and perplexity.


It is evident that improvements are necessary for the VAR system, and the Premier League must take additional measures to ensure that its referees receive proper training on its usage. 


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