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Meta Unveils AI Chatbots Infused with 'Personality'

Meta Unveils AI Chatbots Infused with 'Personality'


Meta Unveils New Chatbots and Explores the Metaverse

Meta has introduced a range of new chatbots for its Messenger service, each imbued with distinct "personalities" and specialized in specific areas, such as holidays and cooking advice. This announcement marks the latest development in a chatbot competition among tech companies, all striving to deliver more accurate and personalized artificial intelligence experiences.


Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, acknowledged that these chatbots are still a work in progress and have certain "limitations." Speaking at Meta's first in-person event in California since the onset of the pandemic, Zuckerberg celebrated the remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence over the past year.


Meta's primary chatbot, dubbed "Meta AI," is designed for messaging and can handle various tasks, including settling disputes and answering queries. Notably, the BBC has not yet evaluated this chatbot, which is built upon Llama 2, a large language model that Meta publicly released in July.


Several well-known personalities, including Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner, have agreed to lend their personas to different chatbots. The objective is to create chatbots that transcend mere question-answering and offer entertainment value.


Zuckerberg emphasized that the chatbots have certain limitations in terms of their capabilities. These chatbots are set to roll out initially in the United States in the coming days.


During the event, Zuckerberg also discussed the concept of the metaverse, a virtual world into which he has invested tens of billions of dollars. While Meta had previously introduced its virtual reality headset, Quest 3, further details were shared. Zuckerberg described Quest 3 as the first "mainstream" mixed reality headset, boasting forward-facing cameras that enable augmented reality experiences. The headset will be available starting October 10th.


Despite Meta's substantial investments in the metaverse, the company's VR division has incurred significant losses, amounting to $21 billion (£17 billion) since the beginning of 2022. This launch follows Apple's entry into the higher-priced mixed reality hardware market with the Vision Pro earlier this year.


Mat Day, the global gaming strategy director for EssenceMediacom, praised Mark Zuckerberg for reinvigorating the VR sector. He noted that Meta's VR strategy now emphasizes hardware designed for the mass market, a stark contrast to Apple's approach targeting high-end tech enthusiasts.


Meta's announcement coincided with news from OpenAI, a rival backed by Microsoft and the creator of ChatGPT, confirming that its chatbot can now browse the internet to provide users with current information. Previously, this artificial intelligence-powered system relied solely on data available up to September 2021.


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