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Tom Hanks raises concerns about AI-generated dental plan and ad image

Tom Hanks raises concerns about AI-generated dental plan and ad image


Tom Hanks raises concerns about AI-generated dental plan and ad image



Tom Hanks has issued a warning about an advertisement that falsely portrays him as its spokesperson through artificial intelligence (AI). Taking to Instagram, the actor clarified that he has no association with the dental plan ad featuring an AI version of himself. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges posed by AI in the entertainment industry, an issue that has sparked protests among prominent Hollywood actors and writers.


As AI technologies continue to advance, concerns about their capacity to generate highly realistic virtual replicas of real individuals, known as deepfakes, have grown. Various celebrities, including financial expert Martin Lewis, have had their likenesses exploited in deepfakes, often as part of scams. The use of deepfakes in explicit content, sometimes as a form of revenge, led to the enforcement of stricter laws in England and Wales to facilitate the prosecution of offenders.


Furthermore, the proliferation of AI-created images and videos of politicians exacerbates the problem of online misinformation. Notable figures like former US President Donald Trump and Ukraine's current leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, have become targets of such manipulation. In response to these concerns, Google announced a policy requiring political advertisements on its platform to disclose if they were generated using AI.


AI-powered video manipulation isn't limited to controversial applications; it has also been used for innovative purposes, such as creating virtual concerts featuring renowned groups like Abba. Tom Hanks previously discussed the potential of AI to extend the careers of performing artists during an appearance on the Adam Buxton podcast. He highlighted the exponential growth in the capability to transform digital data into lifelike faces and characters. This technology allows anyone to recreate themselves at any age, ensuring performances can endure indefinitely.


Fears of displacement by AI have led to a series of strikes that disrupted the entertainment industry, affecting popular shows like Stranger Things and The Last of Us. The Writers Guild of America (WGA), representing screenwriters, recently reached a tentative agreement with studio executives to resolve their industrial action. However, a separate dispute involving actors, partly driven by concerns about AI's impact on acting opportunities, remains unresolved.





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